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Action Cancer provides prevention, detection and support in Northern Ireland.

Through health promotion and improvement programmes, digital breast screening, health checks and support and

therapeutic services, we help save lives and support people across NI.


Whether you are looking to get healthy, want access to cancer screening services, or need support because you or a loved one has had a cancer diagnosis, we have a range of services for you. 



We must raise over £4 million every year to operate our life-saving services and depend heavily on donations. Your support and involvement in our fundraising activities can help us save lives and support people.


Big Bus

The Big Bus is Action Cancer’s bespoke mobile unit was launched in 2021. The primary function of the Big Bus is to bring our services to you, in your community.


Some of our Services

Breast Screening

We offer women in Northern Ireland, aged 40-49yrs & 70+, access to free breast screening

Skin Cancer Detection

We offer a skin cancer detection service to over 18’s with a new/changing mole or lesion


Learn about: cancer, reducing cancer risk, cancer symptoms, cancer screening & diagnosis.

“After both my daughter and daughter-in-law were diagnosed with breast cancer my GP recommended I contact Action Cancer’s counselling service. It was such a relief to talk to someone outside of the family and to realise the way I was feeling was entirely normal.”

Joy Montgomery


“My cancer was detected through a routine screening with Action Cancer. Being proactive about my health meant I detected the cancer in its earlier stages when treatment can be more successful. I feel I owe my life to Action Cancer because if it hadn’t been for their screening programme I might not be here to tell my story.”

Anne Nelson